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About Us

Geometryka means design, quality and technology for Partition Systems and Modular Solutions dedicated to the functionality of bathrooms and public spaces.

Thanks to the combination of technology and professional know-how, we build Wall Units, Partition Walls and Doors with a strong aesthetic appeal and high technical standards.

Geometryka is a dynamic company that is constantly growing and evolving, with a flexible structure and it places attention on any request, with projects that can be adapted to any environment. A company projected into the future, though firmly backed by the technological knowledge gained over the years and rooted in the experience on the field of professionals.

Technological Craftsmanship is the winning combination of technique and creativity, which turns the initial idea into an actual project supported by internal production and working directly with architects, designers, engineers and sector professionals.

Geometryka goes the extra mile and always looks a bit further, experimenting and turning research and development into a cornerstone of its own business.
Research on materials, techniques and visual approach.

Geometryka uses classical materials, though in an innovative way, combining them together, blending tradition with evolution: the lightness and elegance of glass, the resistance and modernity of steel, the warmth and refinement of wood.

Tèkne, knowledge and design at the highest levels pointing towards a multidisciplinary approach to every concept, ensuring the best result.

Made in Italy by choice, with responsibility, because every design phase is carried out in Italy and never elsewhere: from design to manufacturing.
Italian style and the culture of beauty blend with ‘technology in progress’, for a company that constantly renews itself.

Supporting work with development creates new values ​​showing uniqueness, identity and difference to always provide customers with the best possible solutions in terms of efficiency and aesthetics.

Our design activity is firmly tied to the concept of “Tèkne” as the highest level of know-how and technique for a multidisciplinary approach to every concept.